City-Wide Coalition is a community-based partnership of Moreno Valley’s non-profit organizations that perpetuates change and greater impact through cooperation, with a common goal to break the cycle of helplessness and improve the quality of life for Moreno Valley’s residents.


  • To gather, identify, discuss and prioritize the most important/relevant issues being faced in our community.
  • To identify, discuss and communicate current services that are needed to support our residents.
  • To combine and/or coordinate resources among all non-profits for the greatest benefit of our community.

Committee Members

  • Rochelle Lewis, Executive Director/Mya Wheeler, PW Enhancement Center
  • Joe Anderson, Executive Pastor/Nick Holst, Discovery Christian Church
  • Imelda Santana, Catholic Charities
  • The Salvation Army
  • Liz Reid, Executive Director, Immanuel House
  • Keyneica Jones, Executive Director, Silence Aloud
  • Lisa Cook, Executive Director, Haven Resolve
  • Corey Jackson, Sigma Beta Xi, Inc.
  • Pastor Albert Peyrefitte, House of the LORD Christian Fellowship
  • Ronderick Henry, Senior Pastor, New Direction Church