The Community Emergency Outreach Program – provides assistance to families, low-income individuals, veterans and the homeless population in both Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Services are as follows:

Rapid Re-Housing – provides housing for those who are literally homeless, in shelters or transitional facilities, and scheduled to move into permanent housing within 90 days. Pays security and utility deposits, first month’s rent, and moving costs.

Homeless Prevention – provides rental assistance for clients whose rent is in arrears or due within five days to avoid eviction.  The first month’s rent is provided for those who are transitioning from temporary shelter to more permanent living arrangements.

Emergency Housing – (Motel Vouchers) – provides overflow emergency beds and serves as an extension to the Continuum of Care.  Motel vouchers are used in conjunction with collaborations to house clients who are experiencing a housing crisis until shelter beds are available.

Food Bank –  provides emergency food vouchers, emergency non-perishable food items and food vouchers to obtain meats and dairy products. Diapers may also be purchased with these vouchers.

Nutritional Workshop – PWEC’s,  Bread of Heaven Food Program, is offering nutritional workshops with the following objectives; increasing access to and promoting the consumption of healthy foods, increasing consumption of healthy beverages consumed, and also promoting more frequent daily physical activity and opportunities.

 Resource Referral Services – provides clients with homeless shelter listings, other food program referrals, job leads and clothing (when available).

Case Management – coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and/or family’s comprehensive needs through communication and available resources.

Employment Enhancement: Is a service providing adults with weekly employment listings from various companies, agencies, and corporations in Moreno Valley, Riverside and the surrounding communties of the Inland Empire. A computer lab is available for participants to complete and update their resumes, search for jobs, check emails, etc. There is a website directory for all participant to have internet access to various employment listings. This is a self-paced, year-around program, operated weekly for instruction and assistance in obtaining employment.

Veteran Enhancement Program (VEP) – PWEC is the subcontractor for Lighthouse Supporative Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). The purpose of the program is to provide supportive services to very low-income (30% ami or below) veterans and their families who are residing in permanent housing or are homeless (as defined by Section 103 of the McKinney-Vinto Homeless Assistance Act).  The program is very similar to the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP) which specifically targets veterans.

VEP combines standard SSVF services with PWEC’s signature life enhancement courses which target the most at-risk homeless veteran subgroups with the purpose of closing the revolving door of poverty and assisting veteran families in enhancing their overall quality of life tomorrow and beyond.

Community Outreach