Welcome Home Project

veteran-with-little-girlPurpose: To support families, low income individuals, veterans and the homeless as they transition from homelessness to permanent housing by providing needed items for their home.

Teams: Volunteers, friends, churches, businesses, schools, etc. in the community.

Donations Needed:  A list of items will be provided to the team ahead of time which detail the items the families and veteran families is in need of – including but not limited to couch, chairs, nightstands, beds, blankets, sheets, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, other furniture and appliances, kitchen and bathroom items, (food and personal needs included).

Duration: A team member may spend 3-5 hours each on an entire project.

Delivery of Items: Delivery will depend upon the families and the veteran’s housing status.

Preparation for Delivery: Trucks will have to be rented or borrowed to deliver items all at once. You can bring food items to build their kitchen (fresh fruit, cake, etc. or you can share a meal with the veteran family).

How to Get Started: Announce the “Welcome Home Project” to the local churches for their Sunday and weekly services. Advertise in the local businesses in the Moreno Valley/Riverside Communities.  Pass out flyers to individuals, family and friends to become part of our team to help our veterans and families.


Official Sponsors of Welcome Home Project